Owner Michael Yates Jr. finally brought K-ROO Apparel to life in 2020. Ever since the year 2000, he would sketch and draw designs that he knew one day he'd love to share with the world. However, he had no idea how he'd do that but he knew one day he'd figure it out. Michael grew up in a small town and good morals were instilled in him at a young age. During this time, between 2000 - 2004 Michael had no computer to generate graphics or work on his first passion music so he taught himself how to draw by hand and would just write lyrics and beatbox to sharpen his craft. He worked really hard from 2003 - 2007 but his efforts failed because he could not afford to go to college. In 2008 he joined the U.S. Navy at the lowest paygrade which is E1 (Seaman Recruit) and by the time he ended his service in 2016 he earned the paygrade of E6 (First Class Petty Officer). As a child, Michael was picked on not only for his skin tone but his intelligence and his creativity. However, he never let what someone else wanted him to be become his reality and realized that's what makes us special. In 2018 he earned his B.A. in Audio Production and in 2020 he earned his Masters in Technology and that's when he got his chance!  Being denied or delayed many opportunities and finding ways to overcome them as a child and then having served in the U.S. Navy for eight years working with amazing individuals and traveling the world, he brings those influences on his life into his business because as an only child raised by a single mother; it was those family members, friends, mentors, and co-workers that guided him along the way. God is at the center of everything he does and he vowed to bring more light into the world and enjoys sharing his art talents to rejuvenate hope to the public and that is what K-ROO Apparel is all about simply to love ourselves, our fellow neighbor, and to celebrate our uniqueness.

Michael personally designs each aspect of every products art and fully produces his own books.

Today, Michael authored 8 books, created a media production company, a clothing line, and continues to find ways to give back and share his knowledge and talents with others.


A Funny Fact, he chose the Kangaroo as his brand mascot one because he loves animals and two because it is such a majestic creature that by design cannot walk backwards. It's always focused on taking the next leap forward. 

No matter how big or small your obstacle you can overcome it and you will. There's something powerful about making up your bed in the morning, taking a fresh shower, eating a healthy breakfast and wearing clothing that you're excited about putting on and you want people to know a little bit more about you simply by your expression of words on your apparel or how you choose to style for the day.

For anyone out there wherever you may be if you have ever supported my business in any way no matter what that is for you, I am truly humbled. No one gets anything done alone and as K-ROO continues to grow, I look forward to improving more lives and adding to my team while also giving back not only to our Veterans but to communities and organizations across America. 

We all have a story to tell and we're inspiring people even if we think no one sees us. Let's be proud of who we are and celebrate! Never letting any obstacle seen or unseen stop us from accomplishing our goals in life.